We are a professional agency providing customised arrangements to the industrial, commercial, and business houses. We provide the most reliable and efficient outsourcing services and solutions, especially for Corporate, Governmental and Institutional bodies.


Manpower Supply

Safety Staff
We provide safety staff for the following work.
  • Intellectual property/piracy cases
  • Verification of Employees / Staff/ Pvt. Individuals
  • Transit Losses
  • Surveillance
  • Individual and corporate investigation needs
  • Verification of characters and antecedents Matrimonial needs and like Banks and institutional Frauds
Security Staff
We provide security staff for shops & showrooms, offices, flats, campus, hotels, hospitals, fairs etc.
  • Security Guard
  • Security Supervisor
  • Gunman

In order to ensure quality in our guarding services we have prescribed the minimum education standard as 10th pass, physical standards. Verification: Before recruitment, police verification of character & antecedents is undertaken to ensure that right persons are enrolled.

In order to provide quality security service to all its clients, SOS lays great stress on planning organizing and conducting professional training to all its security staff, which includes definition, aim, types & scope of security & understanding various threats to security, fire fighting and preventive measures.

Our panel of officers comprises of personnel who have experience of serving in the Defence Services or Para- military forces (ASO & Head Guards are not required to have a service background but it is necessary for them to have adequate experience in Security Services)

SOS group avers security and safety of clients' premises. We also assure quality security presence in carrying out various associated functions.


Housekeeping & Facility

Starting with facility management services, Updater Services has been adding more services to its portfolio. One such world class offering is our hospitality services for corporates. It would not be wrong to say that Updater Services is now a one stop shop for various corporate services.

Broadly our hospitality services could be classified into:

The services are offered individually or integrated to provide 'Total Facility Management Solutions'. Whatever be the option, our services are always tailored to suit your business needs like labour, Maintenance, Supervisors, Staff Solution etc.


Staff Solution

SOS offer a full range of Staff Solutions. We provide contract/temporary, direct hire search and recruitment process outsourcing services. If your organization is seeking a staffing partner that can both supplement and integrate with your existing staff, we can provide you with the services that will give you exceptional hiring results.

Our screening process includes personality assessments, specialized testing and in-depth interviews designed to ensure a match of a candidate's skills with the needs and culture of the employer.

  1. Indentify the Vacancy
  2. Prepare Job Details
  3. Advertisment about vacancy or use our database
  4. Managing the Response
  5. Short List the Candidates
  6. Arrange Interview
  7. Selection

Corporate Events & Seminars

Are you planning a corporate event? Do you want to host a seminar? We can organise it from A to Z!

Whether you are planning a company opening ceremony or a press conference, a product launch or an event for your employees, a seminar or workshop we can manage this event in close cooperation with you, assuring that all your requirements are met.


Personal Events & Seminars

The process of organising a big event can be fun, but it can be stressful too. You want the day to run smoothly for you and your guests and having someone to rely on to take care of the planning for you can take the load off your shoulders.

This is where the SOS can work. SOS help organise your next Event with a professional polish & vigour which will impress! We are experienced in wedding management, Birthday Parites and personal event functions and can manage your next event with precision which will leave you free to enjoy your guests & experience those special moments you would otherwise miss out on.

We can design packages and event solutions tailored to your budget. Our process focuses on learning about your individual requirements, developing them into the planning process, and ensuring a flawless execution throughout the event.


Corporate Trainings

We design and implement organizational trainings that result in meaningful, sustained change/impact that produces measurable results in a remarkably short period of time.

We offer a host of corporate trainings designed to increase productivity, results, accountability, and teamwork. We don't offer just analysis, explanation, and advice. We provide a direct access to creating the critical conversations that produce breakthrough results.

Managers and executives who understand strategic vision as a compelling force know that implementing it throughout an organization is critical to a company's success.

Our corporate trainings are also easily customized to meet the needs of your specific organization.


Corporate Gifts

Our aim is to provide effective branded corporate gifts. By working closely with our clients and following key steps we use our experience, creativity and sourcing power to provide cost-effective, memorable solutions. Careful thought and an injection of creativity can transform the ordinary into the memorable and effective.